Home Pedal Exerciser Machine Red or Blue

A Portable pedal exerciser


for legs and arms ideal for use when sitting or standing.

Durable-  Strong lightweight construction
The pedal exerciser frame folds up for transport or storage and has large rubber feet to hold the exerciser in place



Home Pedal Exerciser (Peddler)-What Is it ?

A pedal exerciser is a portable piece of equipment with two bike pedals joined onto a central stationary platform. There is a resistance dial that can be used to increase or decrease the resistance felt as you turn the pedals.

As low low impact cardio vascular exercise pedal exerciser is good for strengthening the arms and legs . Using the  exerciser for this type of workout also tones the body, burns excess calories, improves joint mobility and aids circulation.

(All dimensions shown are nominal)

Overall Width:
Overall Length:
460mm (300mm when folded)
Overall Height:
Pedal Width:
Product Weight:

What Are the Features and Benefits of a Pedal Exerciser?

– change the resistance level of your workout .
– vary the intensity level,
-work your way up to more difficult tasks.
-LCD display
-Straps to secure your feet on the pedals
-Rubber gripped surfaces on the underside of the base to prevent slipping

Low-impact cardiovascular exercise, which can be done  has many health benefits.

Advantages are that it places less stress on the body, which is particularly beneficial for the hip, knee, ankle and back joints.
It still increases your heart rate and strengthening your muscles.

This is a great way to get regular aerobic exercise conveniently. Regular aerobic exercise reduces the risk of health problems including heart attacks and strokes,and has a positive effect on your moods.

Includes a Variable pedal tension adjustment and an LCD display.
This home pedal exerciser has an adjustable foot retainer strap on each pedal  and large plastic pedals with grip.



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Who Needs a Pedal Exerciser?

A pedal exerciser can be beneficial for the elderly and people with injuries . They can be used for physical therapy and rehab  after an injury or operation and also to strengthen weak or sedentary muscles. The pedal exercisercan improve cardiovascular fitness and blood circulation . The pedal exerciser is a great way to return  to exercise after a break. The exerciser  it a low impact and low risk form of exercise which is safer for muscle recovery.

More about the  Pedal Exerciser?

Before you use a pedal exerciser discuss your needs with a fitness or medical professional as they can best advise you if the product is suitable for your needs. It’s particularly important to do this after surgery or if you’re rehabilitating an injury to discuss your requirements and limitations.

The pedal exercisers have a small display screen, which gives you readings such as distance traveled, time taken, revolutions per minute and calories burned. This is great to monitor your workouts and measure their progress.

The pedal  straps attached to the pedals, and keep your hands or feet in place while you exercise. Non-slip rubber feet on the base of the exerciser helps   to stop it from moving on a flat surface while it is being used.

The pedal exerciser can to fold up for storage.

How is it  Best to Use a Pedal Exerciser?

A pedal exerciser is easy to use. You   sit down in a chair or on a sofa, position the equipment in front of you and place your feet in the pedals. You adjust the resistance  choosing the level which is best for you.  Pedal your legs in a forward circular motion. To exercise the arms, it’s most effective to place the pedal exerciser on a table or desk with your hands on the pedals and pedal in a circular motion.

The length of time you need to pedal for and the intensity of your workout should be discussed with a medical or fitness professional. It is best to get advice from a professional for age and your injuries.